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    Photography changed from being a hobby in 2007 when I worked with my first professional band and I realised this is more than just creative fun but something I am passionate about and wanted to pursue.  


I lived in London from 2010 where I was focusing on Music, Portraits and Business Promotion and then more recently when I moved to Chester I then started to have more demand for Unit Still Photography on films as well as Fashion.

I was always interested in photography but my interest grew during college when my friends were studying art and having much more fun than I was when taking science classes. They were a huge influence and pushed me to pick up a camera as I love art and music and by learning photography it was a way of being able to combine those two. I was able to work in the music industry and be up close with the music I enjoy, but as I took it more seriously I started learning and researching more. I began to appreciate black & white documentary photographers like the French Masters, I then progressed into being creative whenever possible and branching into other styles and being open to all opportunities.

    I have been published in many magazines, on album covers, used on merchandise and had my images used for promotion of films, products, businesses and individuals. Photography has improved all aspects of my life, being able to see the world differently and always paying attention to my surroundings. Long may it continue. 


Message sent. I look forward to working with you.

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