Kevin is a UK based photographer currently living in Chester, where he relocated from living in London for most of his 20s and 30s. He has been working as a photographer for almost 20 years.

    Kevin started as he loved art and music and by learning photography it was a way of being able to combine those two. He could work in the music industry and be up close with the music he enjoys, but as he learned more he began to appreciate black & white documentary photographers like the French Masters and then evolved into being more creative whenever possible and branching into other styles.

    He has been published in many magazines, album covers, used on merchandise and had his images used for promotion of products, businesses and individuals. He is always looking for the next project or creative challenge. 

    More recently he has been involved in the film industry shooting behind the scenes for short films and feature films where his images are used in promotion such as posters and artwork.

    Contact to discuss rates for your needs such as local business or music promotion, weddings and family (including pets), fashion and film & TV.



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